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The Childrens Train book review on Colorado Country Life

Book Review on Colorado Country Life Magazine

The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport by Jana Zinser

By Jennifer Nelson –

This remarkable novel centers on Peter, a shy violin player who was among the Jewish children hurriedly put on trains out of Germany in 1938 after The Night of the Broken Glass. Peter, his sister Becca and his friends Stephen and Hans represent the hundreds of children whose parents hurriedly scrambles to get their children away from Nazi Germany.

In this story told by Castle Rock author Jana Zinser, Peter and the others make it to England, where they expect to be safe. But when the war reaches England and the Coventry farm where Peter is working his musician hands raw is bombed, Peter decides he has to stand and fight. It’s back to Germany where he joins the underground resistance, searches for his mother and baby sister and works to rescue a childhood friend left behind.

Find this book (Boutique of Quality Books, $18.95) released October 26 at local and online bookstores.

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